ParkWhiz 2016

Facebook animation.

Book. Park. Do Your Thing. I replace “Do Your Thing” with whatever it is you want to do. Stanley Cup playoffs? Book. Park. Hoist the cup! and so on…

NYC OOH- We tried Got Parking? because, whatever milk, you don’t own it.

NYC OOH- We did it more than once.

When people hear about ParkWhiz and what we do the response is, “That’s awesome.” So, Book the best spaces at the lowest rates. That’s Parking Awesome. was born and we ran with it.

250 Bus Backs.

NYC Radio :30

NYC Radio :15

New art looks great with words.

I recently updated (most) of the copy on the website.

Weekly event emails go out and I give them the words. This is a giant step up in both creative and copy for ParkWhiz.

Weekly Emails cont.

The start of football season and our partnerships with stadiums parking.

I like it short and sweet, so I guess this is an example of what I’m not doing anymore.

Facebook Ads run for Chicago Marathon

Let’s Get Parking! Quick acquisition game for our street teams. You spun and won.

Everybody wins! Even on desktop.

Winning email with a ParkWhiz intro to new users.

The holiday card needed some words.

Labor Day banner.


DC Metro shutdown banner.

DC Metro shutdown banner.

Cyber Monday. We emailed these out because everybody sends emails around cyber Monday and we didn’t want to feel left out.

Airport banner.

One of our go-to lines in banner form.

Hamilton parking was so hot.

Holiday airport email.