Digital Agency Work 2012ish

I would concept the image and write the copy for all the work in my portfolio. Nailed this Friday the 13th post.

I asked the community to guess how many sticks were in the jar. 2,700+ interesting comments.

We had to capitalize on Star Wars Day! Right?

'merica! Also all organic numbers on the 4th of July.

National Pigs in a Blanket Day led to Meat in a Sheet! We actually made those.

I have expanded my vast database of "Your Mom" jokes. Always love reading the comments too.

New Superman June 2013..Dudes..Slim Jims..all good.

Zombies are huge with our community.

This nick name generator jumped off the page organically. 738 Shares is pretty damn good.

Double-fisting sounds dirty. This is obviously what I meant.

Everybody loves Shark Week!

So we reminded them twice.

Orville Redenbacher's Shark Week post. Snack!

Shark Week!

Monthly reminders of stupid things dudes do. Been there done that.

Post for Breaking Bad's final season premier.

Celebrating the lesser known holidays. Always.

Kick Ass 2 premiere post.

Slim Jim and heavy metal make a good team. The community loves it.

I noticed there was a lot of talk around PC's in prior gaming posts. This post had crazy engagement numbers. 4500+ comments from hardcore gamers.

Created reoccurring "Beast Meat Beatdowns" for the community to vote on who would win in a fight.

Shark Bear seems to be the favorite. Nearly 13,000 LIKES and great engagement.

Here's part of an article on Crain's Chicago Business about my work on Slim Jim. Specifically, the Beast Meat Beatdown series.

I think this is just a cool way to get around never being able to use images or say TV show titles.

I built this entire Meat Stick Stadium for the start of the football season. That's a whole bunch of meat.

One of my Facebook posts for Hilton Honors blew up with 95,000+ "likes" nearly 5,000 shares and 4,000 comments.

Due to the success of the my Bora Bora Nui post, Hilton Honors posted this exclusive offer, which received 5,500+ likes.

BBQ's aren't the same without Queso...duh.

Final Four 2013 Work for RO*TEL Famous Queso Dip

Final Four 2013 Work for RO*TEL Famous Queso Dip

RO*TEL Famous Queso 4th of July post. People love the stuff.

RO*TEL Famous Queso Dip is pretty famous.

I created a video and post for Inside BlackBerry, the official blog of BlackBerry smartphones. #client

My Inside BlackBerry video blog post was picked up by

Published blog post on Inside BlackBerry.

Published blog post on Inside BlackBerry.

The Edge Man geared toward high school and high school sports.


Highlights of my digital work.


Slim Jim, Hilton Honors, Inside BlackBerry, Edge, UFC, Tums, Rite Aid, The Nutro Co. and RO*TEL


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